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ITEM: Press release

CLIENT: Coldseal

OVERVIEW: Key element in PR campaign introducing innovative new product


A new innovation promises an easier and safer life – and peace of mind

We’ve all done it. Walked out of the front door and set off happily on our way, only to be seized by a sudden panic attack: ‘Have I locked the back door? ‘Have I locked the bedroom windows? ‘ Once you’ve reached this stage, you’re never going to relax and enjoy your trip until you’ve gone through the hassle of checking it all out.

And you don’t even have to be on your way out to find locking and unlocking your windows and doors a hassle. It’s a pain in the neck at any time, whether you’re going to bed, you’ve just come in, or you’re simply feeling plain lazy.

Bearing all this in mind, have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to just push a button and it would all be done? Everything – all your doors, all your windows – locked in an instant, without you having to move off the spot? Just imagine if locking up your home could be as easy as changing TV channels with your remote control. Or as quick and simple as locking and unlocking your car.

Well, the good news is – it’s no longer a dream! The famous replacement window and door manufacturer Coldseal now introduces Centra-lock - a product that does all this and more besides. The equally good news is – the product is currently on trial right here in Northampton!

Join the revolution

It may be an over-used claim, but Centra-lock really is something of a revolution in home security and convenience. A small keypad no bigger than a credit card, it fits easily into your pocket or bag. Yet just one touch of the button with your thumb and you can lock – and unlock – every window and door in your home. And you can use it equally well inside or outside.

No doubt when this product catches on we’ll all take it as much for granted as central locking in the car. Yet right now it seems like something close to magic. Just think about it. You’re lying comfortably in bed and your other half shouts out ‘You did lock the back door, didn’t you dear?’ Or you’re sitting engrossed in a Brad Pitt movie and you can’t bear to prise yourself away to lock the windows. With Centra-lock you’ve cracked it!

There’s another big benefit to Centra-Lock as well, which goes beyond convenience and security. The Centra-lock system has an in-built smoke alarm. If this detects smoke and your home is locked up, it automatically releases the door and window locks so you and your family can escape quickly without fumbling around for your keys. As smoke inhalation is a major danger with domestic fires and a condition that can be fatal in seconds, any time you save here could literally be the difference between life and death.

As with all well-designed automatic systems, Centra-lock also has a manual over-ride, should you decide to do things the hard way. Although I can’t for the life of me think why anyone should!

Of course, the ideal time to fit something like Centra-lock, which is available exclusively from Coldseal, is when you’re have new windows and doors installed. However, if you’re going this far then it can also be fitted retrospectively, with a standard 2 door, 2 window lock and smoke alarm system available for £750.

More security

Centra-lock is just one of a range of products Coldseal now market to make our lives more comfortable and secure. Their replacement windows and doors are packed with advanced, often unique security features. And with today’s burglary rates, we need them!

Indeed, a recent British Crime Survey informed us that no less than £860 million worth of property was stolen by burglars in a single year. The damage alone caused by the break-ins ran to £180 million. Yet another fact to emerge from the same survey was that homes not fitted with modern security devices were far more likely to be burgled. It really seems true that intruders are deterred by advanced security features and will move on to easier pickings.

When you add dramatically improved appearance, superb convenience, no maintenance, greater warmth and lower fuel bills, you can see why 250,000 homeowners have transformed their homes with Coldseal.

Nor do the company use the hard-sell tactics, misleading marketing gimmicks and cowboy installers so sadly prevalent in the replacement window industry today. As members of GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation), the industry’s regulatory body, Coldeal know their responsibilities and only offer professional, customer-friendly service and installation at a fair, genuine price. Indeed, apart from a small survey fee they don’t take a penny off customers until everything is done and they are completely satisfied. As a Coldseal spokesman explained: ‘We’ve seen competitors offer massive discounts and come and go. Very few seem to realise that what customers want is a quality company they can trust.’

Right now is a particularly good time to contact Coldseal. Their January Sale has genuine savings across their product range. For full details, plus more information about Centra-lock and other Coldseal products, simply call 0800 221155 . .