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CLIENT: Digital Equipment Corporation

OVERVIEW: Brochure to introduce project management services to high end clients







The Growing Risks

* Modern computer projects are different. The risks involved are greater than ever before, for several important reasons:

* The enormous advances in hardware, software and communications technology have opened dup new application areas.

* The lack of software engineering standards makes measurement of project progress extremely difficult.

* The increasing relative costs and scarcity of computing personnel affect supplier and client alike.

* The increasing breadth and complexity of an organisation's computing needs, and their strategic importance.

All these factors mean that special attention must be paid to how a system is planned and implemented to ensure that a project meets its business goals. In short, there must be significant changes in the way an organisation approaches a project. Professional project management is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Risk Management

In view of these risks, it is essential that companies and organisations who buy integrated computer solutions also buy project management skills.

A quality information system is a superb business investment which can bring great benefits in terms of improved productivity, efficiency and customer service. Yet it will only do so if it is accurately specified to tackle the problem in question. And only if it is of the right quality, delivered to time and budget. An experiences DEC - Digital Equipment Corporation - Project Manager, backed by the resources of the world's leading manufacturer of integrated systems, can help you manage the inherent risks in a project and achieve these goals more effectively than anyone else.


Given the levels of risk and cost associated with a modern computer project, it follows that failure to apply project management skills correctly can threaten the very survival of a function or even an entire organisation. Not to mention the loss of credibility with its vital publics, both internal and external.

The combination of individual project management skills and corporate resources needed to effectively manage a complex computer project is a very demanding one. A partnership with DEC is the best way to achieve it.

DEC have the appropriate skills and resources, in the depth and breadth needed to run a project. A DEC Project Manager represents the ideal mechanism for integrating the responsibilities of both supplier and client company, and is the surest route to project success.



The strength of DEC's Project Management resources lies in both their quantity and quality. DEC have highly skilled and experienced front-line Project Managers and Project Specialists. One Project Manager with overall responsibility will be assigned to your project, together with a Project Team. In this way you get the in-depth specialisation and the project management expertise you require. Plus the clean interface needed to form an effective partnership. Your project also gains the benefit of the broadest span of back-up facilities possible.

Business Managers and staff support Project Managers by providing the resources and facilities necessary for successful project delivery. Project Managers report on the project's progress, both internally and to clients, at frequent regular intervals. They are able to escalate any problem quickly, so that it can be dealt with before it becomes a major issue. If appropriate, a problem can be escalated to the very highest management levels.

In addition, Project Managers and their Teams are backed up by DEC Application Centres, Customer Groups, Product Specialists and Support Groups. These offer the specialist skills to complement the Project Team. Ultimately, there is recourse to the global resources of one of the world's largest computer manufacturers.


A Project Manager's tasks and responsibilities are clearly outlined in the DEC Project Methodology. These include:

* Project set-up

* Project organisation

* Monitoring and control

* Project reporting and change control

* Primary customer interface

Project Managers also provide front-line quality assurance, ensuring that vital testing and technical reviews are carried out as and when they should be.

Our experience has shown that the planning and control processes employed by DEC, together with our proven Project Management skills, lead to projects which are delivered on time, to budget and to specification, with quality assurance goals met.

DEC Project Methodology

DEC's commitment to project methodology is of the utmost importance. Without a clear project methodology, a project may be fragmented and have difficulty delivering a quick solution.

DEC Project Methodology is the supporting framework which pulls all the diverse elements of a project together - management, software, hardware, installation and support. It has been tried and tested, and is flexible enough to be applied to all DEC projects, no matter how large or small. Without doubt, it is a key factor in the effectiveness of DEC projects, minimising the impact of change.

Environment and Organisation

As well as the vital Project Management skills and Methodology, DEC provide the physical environment and tools a Project Team needs. Plus the organisational structure to allow Project Managers to report and escalate issues promptly.

The quality of DEC's Project Management has been proven over a wide range of successful projects. These include major projects for organisations as diverse as Barclays Bank, Unilever and Channel 4. All these projects embodied high elements of organisational complexity and risk, yet all were delivered on time, and to the customer's satisfaction.

A DEC Project Manager, aided by DEC Project Methodology and the resources of the world's leading manufacturer of integrated computing solutions, represents your best possible assurance of project success.

To find out more about how DEC Project Management can help you, either in a consultancy role or on a specific project, contact your nearest DEC Sales Office today.