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OVERVIEW: Mailing marketing Gigabit NIC's and Pan-European dealer incentive scheme

Top The Intel® Networking League And Earn Big Rewards

Rewards For Your Business

Why should AB (Poland) sell NIC's?

Desktop and server platforms drive networks. Networks drive businesses. Therefore, desktops and servers are a key element in business productivity and performance.

This is why Network Interface Cards should be an integral part of all desktop and server solutions you support. Employees become more productive using higher Gigabit bandwidth connectivity. Servers become more scaleable, available and reliable. What's more, Gigabit connections at both ends of the wire in the desktop and server will transform network speed - and your customers' productivity.

Why sell Intel?

Intel has been the leader in Ethernet products for over 30 years. In fact, we've been involved in practically every significant innovation. So who can know network connections for desktop and server platforms better than Intel?

Intel products offer better performance than competitors. They offer advanced features you will not find on competitors' products. And with a single driver, they also offer greater stability.

Why add Intel Pro Server Adapters?

Many reasons. First of all, availability. When servers go down, business lose money. Redundant server adapters on every critical network segment keep them up and running.

Then there's scalability. By teaming extra server adapters with LOM for increased bandwidth, you can scale server throughput and avoid bottlenecks. It's surprisingly quick and easy.

Your customers can also benefit from seamless upgradeability. Intel's newest generation of add-in server adapters offer advanced features and stunning Gigabit performance.

Do your customers want a fiber optic connection? Or to free up PCI slots using a multi-port add-in card? Intel server adapters have real flexibility. They can do the things a LOM can't!

With decades of connectivity experience, Intel also offer excellent reliability. Every one of our server adapters has a limited lifetime warranty. Factor in the stability of our widely tested drivers and you can see how Intel can keep you customers' networks up and their business running.

Altogether, NIC's are a key element in the end-to-end networking solutions provided by Intel. With proven interopability testing with switches and hubs, they offer excellent performance at a highly competitive price. And in an age of increasing supplier rationalisation, they are part of the total infrastructure solution your customers are looking for.

What's more, when you provide solutions from the world leader in networking, you also enhance your own positioning as a provider of quality solutions.

Why now?

Right now Intel are running major online marketing campaigns targeting your customers.

They're great opportunities to boost your bottom line and build your business. And we provide everything you need to make the most of them.

Think Intel. Think Gigabit

  • Customers upgrade their networks - you increase your sales
  • Download your Gigabit Toolkit - banner ads, marketing copy to prompt direct customer response
  • Interactive campaign landing site to drive demand
  • Register now at

Spot 1

Register your team for the accumulator challenge

Every Intel NIC you sell between July and September can take you nearer a handsome reward - up to $1000. Find out more now.

Spot 2

September Monthly League

Click here to find out if you have achieved the September top 10

Spot 3

Take 5 Easy Steps To Gigabit

Intel Gigabit is the affordable, easy way to maximise network performance and boost productivity.

Rewards for you

Take the Accumulator Challenge and win rewards

One more reason for AB (Poland) to recommend Intel.

If you move quantities of Intel Gigabit or 10/100 NIC's between July and September 2003 and achieve the specified target, you can help yourself to a great reward and spend $1000 anywhere you choose.

As well as more sales, it is a great way to incentivise staff and build your team.

1. Top the monthly league

  • Hit the Intel networking monthly league Top 10 to win prizes
  • Scores based on percentage of target hit
  • Get a new chance to win every month

1st prize win $1,000
2nd prize win $750
3rd Prize - $500 each for the next 8 placed companies

2. Win the quarterly league

  • Hit the Intel networking quarterly league Top 3 to win prizes

1st prize win $3,000
2nd prize win $2,000
3rd prize with $1,000

Spot 2

October Monthly League