So you want a Direct Marketing copywriter?

Let's cut to the chase. After all, good sales letters do.

You're eager to introduce a service or product right now. Yet you don't want all the expense of lavish advertising campaigns that won't deliver results in the short term - and maybe not the long term either.

What to do? Commission a sales letter and you'll save a fortune in creative, design and artwork fees. And there's a wealth of evidence to say that it can be very, very effective. And it's certainly cost-effective. Online ‘American-style' sales letters even more so. They're those websites that look like they're home-made - but frequently pull outpull the ‘professional' alternatives by a massive factor. They're not big on ‘clever' copy that doesn't connect with readers, either.

I've years of experience working as a direct marketing copywriter for two of the biggest DM specialist agencies in the world - Brann and McCann Erickson. It's a speciality of mine. Check out some samples then give me a call.

Work that works ...

CO-OP BANK - hard-hitting mailing with 47% response conversion rate
FIRST DIRECT - launching motor insurance
DAYTIMER - strong proposition-led DM using appropriate psychology
COMPLETE DEMOLITION - cash-laden brown envelopes for local authority buyers
RBS - cheque book DM for premium customers
REGIONAL RAILWAYS - changing attitudes towards leisure usage of railways
PETER HANNAVY - Classic DM sales letter online
NU-LIFE STONE CARE - Hard-hitting sales brochure for franchise opportunity